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Store Address

Plot-168, Unit-4b, Gaborone International Commerce Park, Gaborone, Botswana.

Contact Info

Email: sales@apex.botsco.com
Phone: +267 – 393 5180
Fax: +267 – 393 5181


Apex Holdings client base consists of over 50 carefully selected corporate clients.

The successful business formula followed so far has been that of personalized service, fair pricing and a commitment to being a one- stop “total solution” supplier by constantly adding to the diverse list of stock items. While the primary focus has been supply of mainstream network materials, our commitment leads us to continuously add peripheral items such as Video cables, Hdmi, DVI, Displayport, VGA Cable, Network cable, connectors, data cabinets, fiber optic cables and accessories, PVC and metal cable ducting and test equipment.