Flexible and Reliable Outdoor Characteristics

With the standard IEEE 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet (PoE) design, the WBS-502N can be easily installed in the areas where power outlets are not available. The WBS-502N is definitely suitable for wireless IP surveillance, and bridge link of building to building and backbone of public service. Additionally, the self-healing capability keeps connection alive all the time. With the IP55-rated outdoor enclosure, the WBS-502N can perform normally under rigorous weather conditions, meaning it can be installed in any harsh, outdoor environments.

Designed for Various Requirements

The WBS-502N is specially designed for long-distance outdoor surveillance and wireless backhaul solutions that are capable of establishing stable bridge connection through the embedded 15dBi unidirectional antenna. To provide maximum performance, the WBS-502N can implement up to 8 operation modes where a multitude of applications in communities, warehouses, campuses, harbors, etc. can be made.

3 Simple Steps to Set Up WDS

Without needing to enter the Web interface for configuration, the WBS-502N needs three simple steps to establish the WDS PtP connection without any difficulty. By just clicking the Pair button on the WBS-502N and within 2 minutes, you can connect two WBS-502N without complicated configuration.

Multiple SSIDs with VLAN Tagging

As for security, the WBS-502N supports WPA/WPA2, and the 802.1X RADIUS authentication to secure the wireless connection. Besides, the supported IEEE 802.1Q VLAN allows multiple VLAN tags to be mapped to multiple SSIDs to distinguish the wireless access. This makes it possible for the WBS-502N to work with managed Ethernet switches to have VLANs assigned to a different access level and authority.  

Optimized Efficiency in AP Management 

The brand-new GUI configuration wizard helps the system administrator easily set up the WBS-502N step by step. Besides, the built-in Wi-Fi analyzer provides real-time channel utilization to prevent channel overlapping to assure greater performance. With the automatic transmission power mechanism, distance control and scheduling reboot setting, the WBS-502N is easier for the administrator to deploy and manage without on-site maintenance. Moreover, you can simply use PLANET AP controller and SAPC (Smart AP Control) to deliver wireless profiles to multiple APs simultaneously, thus making the central management simple.

Cost-effective 5GHz Wireless Backhaul Solution

PLANET WBS-502N is specially designed for long-distance outdoor surveillance and wireless backhaul solutions that are capable of providing farther connection through the built-in 15dBi dual-polarity antenna. With multiple operation modes and adjustable Tx power, it is easy to install and adjust the suitable setting in appropriate locations. In the aspect of management, the Traffic Shaping and IEEE 802.1Q VLAN supported allows it to limit and set priority for different traffic purposes. Furthermore, the self-healing capability keeps connection alive all the time, thus reducing the maintenance effort and deployment cost.

Industrial Wireless LAN and LAN

  • Compliant with the IEEE 802.11a/n wireless technology
  • 2T2R architecture with data rate of up to 300Mbps
  • Equipped with 10/100Mbps RJ45 port, auto MDI/MDI-X supported


Fixed-network Broadband Router

  • Supported WAN connection types: DHCP, Static IP, PPPoE
  • Supports Port Forwarding and DMZ for various networking applications
  • Supports DHCP server in Gateway/WISP mode


RF Interface Characteristics

  • Built-in 15dBi dual-polarization antenna
  • High output power with multiply-adjustable transmit power control


Outdoor Environmental Characteristics

  • IP55 rating
  • IEEE 802.3af/at Power over Ethernet design
  • Operating temperature: -20~70 degrees C


Multiple Operation Modes and Wireless Features

  • Multiple operation modes: AP, Gateway, Repeater, WDS, WISP
  • WMM (Wi-Fi multimedia) provides higher priority to multimedia transmitting over wireless
  • Coverage threshold to limit the weak signal of clients occupying session
  • Real-time Wi-Fi channel analysis chart and client limit control for better performance


Secure Network Connection

  • Full encryption supported: WPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK and 802.1X RADIUS authentication
  • Supports 802.1Q VLAN and SSID-to-VLAN mapping
  • Supports IP/Port/MAC address/URL filtering, DoS, SPI Firewall
  • Supports DMZ and Port Forwarding
  • Bandwidth control per IP address to increase network stability


Easy Deployment and Management

  • 3 simple steps to establish WDS connection easily
  • Supports PLANET AP Controllers in AP mode
  • Easy discovery by PLANET Smart Discovery
  • Self-healing mechanism through system auto reboot setting
  • System status monitoring through remote Syslog Server
  • Supports PLANET DDNS/Easy DDNS
Standard Support IEEE 802.11a/n
IEEE 802.11i
IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T
IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX
IEEE 802.3x flow control
Dimensions (W x D x H) 87 x 38 x 260mm
Weight 405g
Power Requirement 48V 0.5A, IEEE 802.3af/at PoE+
Power Consumption (max.) < 13W
Interface Wireless IEEE 802.11a/n, 2T2R
PoE: 1 x 10/100BASE-TX, auto-MDI/MDIX, 802.3af/at PoE In
LAN: 1x 10/100BASE-TX, auto-MDI/MDIX
Button Reset/Pair button, WDS Switch
Antenna Built-in 15dBi directional antenna with dual polarization
Data Rate IEEE 802.11a: up to 54Mbps
IEEE 802.11n (20MHz): up to 150Mbps
IEEE 802.11n (40MHz): up to 300Mbps
Media Access Control CSMA/CA
Modulation 802.11a/n: OFDM (BPSK/ QPSK/ 16QAM/ 64QAM)
Frequency Band FCC: 5.180~5.240GHz, 5.745~5.825GHz
ETSI: 5.180~5.700GHz
Operating Channels FCC: 36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165 (9 channels)
ETSI: 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 132, 136, 140 (16 channels)

5GHz channel list will vary in different countries according to their regulations.Max. Transmit Power (dBm)FCC: up to 27 ± 2dBm
ETSI: < 20dBm (EIRP)Receiver Sensitivity (dBm)802.11a
6Mbps: -92dBm
54Mbps: -75dBm

802.11n HT20
MCS0/MCS8: -91dBm
MCS7/MCS15: -72dBm

802.11n HT40
MCS0/MCS8: -88dBm
MCS7/MCS15: -70dBm

LAN Static IP
Supports IP-MAC binding
WAN Type (GW/WISP mode) ■ Static IP
■ Dynamic IP
Wireless Modes ■ Access Point
■ Gateway
■ Repeater
■ WDS (AP/Bridge/Station)
Channel Width 20MHz, 40MHz
Encryption Type WPA, WPA-PSK, WPA2, WPA2-PSK, 802.1X
Wireless Security Enable/Disable SSID Broadcast
Wireless MAC address filtering
User Isolation
Max. SSIDs 4
Max. Wireless Clients 64 per radio (50 are suggested, depending on usage)
Max. WDS Peers 4 (Up to 3 peers by using “One-click WDS”)
Wireless QoS Supports Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM)
Wireless Advanced Auto Channel Selection
5-level Transmit Power Control (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 12.5%)
Client Limit Control, Coverage Threshold
Distance control (Auto Ack Timeout)
Wi-Fi channel analysis chart
Status Monitoring Device status, Wireless client List
PLANET Smart Discovery
DHCP client table
System Log supports remote syslog server
VLAN IEEE 802.1Q VLAN (VID: 3~4094)
SSID-to-VLAN mapping up to 4 SSIDs
Self-healing Supports auto reboot settings per day/hour
Management Remote management through PLANET DDNS/Easy DDNS
Configuration backup and restore
Supports UPnP
Supports IGMP Proxy
Supports PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN Pass-through
SNMP v1/v2c/v3 support, MIB I/II, Private MIB
Central Management Applicable controllers: WAPC-500, WAPC-1000 and Smart AP Control (SAPC)
Date Version Description Download
2018-06-01 1.0 WBS-502N
Quick Guide
Date Version Description Download
2018-05-18 1.0 Initial release.
User’s Manual
Date Version Description Download
2018-06-29 1.0 Initial release.
Ordering Information


5GHz 802.11a/n 300Mbps Outdoor Wireless CPE (Built-in 15dBi Antenna)


25-meter STP Cat5 Cable


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