The EF-200 mini handheld optical power meter is for the installation, operation and maintenance of fiber optic network specifically designed for a precise, durable and convenient portable test instrument. A smart appearance, the selectable switch the backlight, automatic shutdown function, ultra-wide range of optical power test, accurate test precision and new user self-calibration function and a common interface design.

High sensitivity, large dynamic range

Universal Interface Design: FC / SC / ST interface standard FC,

SC adapter interface

Mini Case protection design, compact appearance, to prevent accidental

fall damage instrument detectors.

Fast response, no warm-up

Low Voltage function display

Automatic shutdown function optional

Automatically turn off the backlight function optional

New user self-calibration function

Logarithmic power (dBm) and linear power (xW) indicators measuring

Big screen and LED backlight display

Power: USE three AAA Bateries(not include)


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