Test, Troubleshoot and Certify cabling faster with the FiberMASTER OTDR.

The FiberMASTER OTDR is available in 4 options, Quad, multimode, single-mode and PON.

The OTDRs feature both high dynamic range and small dead zones providing the precision required for installation and troubleshooting alike. The software simplifies certification of cabling to meet TIA/ISO/IEC/IEEE requirements with simple pass/ fail results. Additionally custom test parameters are easily set to accommodate any application. OTDRs can be complicated to configure and achieve accurate results. FiberMASTER automates testing and steps you through the process as shown below. For FTTx/FTTH applications the PON OTDR identifies split ratios for easy testing and troubleshooting of inactive and active networks. The 1625nm wavelength allows inservice testing of networks without interrupting existing subscribers.

Why do I need a FiberMASTER?

It depends how important speed and accuracy are to you. FiberMASTER – size, simplicity and value without compromise, made in the USA, tested in Germany. The new FiberMASTER series of fibre optic testers will make it easier and faster to verify, troubleshoot and certify fibre optic cabling. The OTDR, PON OTDR, Power Meter and Light Source, and Inspection Probe will enable cable installers to get the dependable test results needed, whilst saving thousands of pounds. As one of the smallest OTDRs in the World you will find them easier to carry and operate whilst the ruggedised housing will protect your investment. The simplified setup options makes them easy to use, saving you time on training and reducing the likelihood of errors. Our New York Research and Development centre of excellence has over 30 years experience designing OTDRs providing you with the most advanced, compact optical test systems available.

FiberMASTER Multimode OTDR

R240-MIPV – FiberMASTER Multimode OTDR (850/1300) with SC connector, Inspection port, Power meter

FiberMASTER Single-mode OTDR

R240-SIPV – FiberMASTER Single-mode OTDR (1310/1550) with SC connector, Inspection port, Power meter


R240-PIP – FiberMASTER PON OTDR (1310/1550/1625) with SC-APC connectors, Inspection port, Power meter

Manuals, Software, Brochures

Download and view the latest manuals, quick reference guides, firmware and software updates, and approvals. Registration is required.



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