The 8 gigabit PoE ports provide fast connection to servers or the backplane of the gigabit speed. The effective connectivity of the seven 10/100/1000Mbps ports, allows growing business networks, classrooms and work groups to obtain benefits from the demand for superior performance and sustain network expansion. This high-performance switch features with non-blocking, wire-speed switching, and 16Gbps switching capacity. All RJ45 PoE ports can auto adjust the highest connection speed for a normal working, Auto Uplink technology can ensure proper network connection.

This cost-effective ONV-POE33108P provide network layout need to simplify wireless access point (AP) and IP-based surveillance cameras network cameras in order to install in commercial network and home network. The devices far away from power socket are very suitable for hanging on the wall or ceiling. PoE eliminates the need for connecting these devices to power socket. So it make more flexible for those difficult to connect with AC power socket, and cut down the installation cost. It is ideal choice for those want to deploy a small commercial network and home network that use wireless access point (AP) and IP-based surveillance cameras.

Target Industries

  • HD monitor transmission and power supply
  • Wireless AP layout transmission and power supply
  • Network telephone transmission , intelligent house and home system
  • Intelligent transportation supervisory system(ITS)
  • High-speed Way supervisory/Tele-Communication System
  • Security protection system, TV medical treatment
  • Long-distance Muti-media Schooling, Campus monitoring
  • Long-distance broadcast television transmission system
  • High-building Security Protection, Military Tele-Com projects

Ordering Note: Default PoE power supply type is end-span (12, 36 line pair), mid-span (45, 78 line pair) can be customized


  • Supply power to Cat.5e/6 classes Ethernet wireless access point (AP) and network surveillance cameras (PoE)
  • 10 * 10/100 /1000Mbps automatic adjustment RJ45 ports
  • Port 1-8 compatible with IEEE802.3af/at standard power supply
  • Meets the standards of the IEEE 802.3af/ IEEE 802.3 /IEEE 802.3u/IEEE 802.3ab
  • Flow Control Type: Full duplex adopts IEEE 802.3x standard, half duplex adopts back pressure standard
  • Network port has lighting-proof function (AC power port: differential mode +/-2kV, common mode +/-4kV)
  • Maximum PoE Power: 130W (all PoE ports, port 1 to port 8)
  • Store-and-forward architecture, 2M forwarding memory
  • All ports support wire-speed switching, frame size within the range of 64 to 1536 can achieve wire-speed
  • Wall-mounted design, easy to install and use
  • Automatic adjustment, plug and play, no need software and protocol conversion
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