13~18 mm Nylon Electric Cable Waterproof PG21 Cable Gland Black
Cable Diameter Range: 13~18mm
Thread: Metric, PG, G, NPT
Material: A.C.F made of Nylon, B.D made of nitrile rubber
Working temperature: static:-40℃~+100℃ Short time up to +120℃dynamic:-20℃~+80℃ Short time up to +100℃
Product certification: CE certification

Protection grade: Within the scope of provisions the cable range, and use the o-ring screw tight head, can be IP68.
Product features: Special design of the clamping die and rubber part, wide clamping range, strong stretching resistance, no damage to cables and devices.
Without disassembly, cable can be inserted through directly then tighten easily and save time.
Applicable to machinery control boxes, distribution panels, electrical appliances, machines, etc.

Part Number: FGEN


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