Conquer USB length limitations with the USB Extender 45m and position your USB devices where you want them with the Super Booster USB 2.0 Extender. This pocket-sized device extends the distance of a USB device to a host computer up to (45m) so you can place your USB camera, printer, or any other low powered USB device exactly where you want it. This plug-and-play device consists of a Base Unit and a Remote Unit connected together by a standard Cat5e, or Cat6 network cable. Simply connect your cables to your device; then connect to your computer and USB peripheral and you’re up and running. The USB Extender has internal DC power conditioning circuits to maintain the proper voltage to the remote device so no external power is required for either the Base or Remote units.


Master Unit: USB Type A Male to RJ45 Female
Remote Unit: USB Type A Female to RJ45 Female



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