DVI to HDMI Adapters are just what the doc ordered, great for computers or older DVD players and set top boxes etc. Allows DVI to HDMI to your display device.
Used for connecting a unit with a DVI connector to HDMI equipped HDTV’s, or a device with an HDMI output to an DVI equipped HDTV. The adapters are also HDCP Copy Protection Compliant so it will pass an encrypted high definition 720p / 1080i signal. The DVI to HDMI Adaptor will also support up to a 1080p signal.

You will not lose quality converting from DVI to HDMI because the DVI specification is set to support a higher bandwidth for computer and high definition (HD) resolutions. Since DVI is a video only signal (no audio) a separate audio should be used.

Connector 1: DVI-D Dual-Link 24-pin Male
Connector 2: HDMI Female

Cable Colour : Black
Cable Warranty : Lifetime

Part Number : DVI-HDMI01 – DVI to HDMI Adapter


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